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Austerity & Welfare Reform in UK Reading List

Originally posted on Think North:
This is a reading list for those interested in welfare reform and austerity in the UK. If you would like to add something to the list,…

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How to Complain to the Jobcentre or DWP

? As a jobseeker or if you are on ESA, claiming  benefits can often unfortunately be problematic. Problems claimants experience include delayed benefit payments, behavioural issues with Jobcentre staff and long waiting times to get through…

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Examples of DWP sanctions and poor treatment

For those of you who follow my Twitter account you will know that I often share stories of people who have been sanctioned or have suffered under the poor treatment … Continue reading

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Benefit sanctions not working in Salford

Benefit sanctions are having a devastating impact on vulnerable people in Salford. Instead of encouraging people into jobs, they are driving people into destitution and despair and putting a huge … Continue reading

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Lesley Riddoch: The reality of the DWP’s horrific sanctions regime

Originally posted on Benefit tales:
THIS is the story of Paul, believed to be the first person sanctioned for three years by the Department of Work and Pensions in Dundee.…

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Universal Credit : In work, part time claimants sanctioned for taking holidays and …… for working!

Originally posted on Telling it as it is:
Unlike Zac and Sarah, Helen is a real person. A Lone Parent working hard and doing the right thing. This is Helen’s…

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Universal Credit: Sanctions and The Horror of Repayable Hardship Payments

Originally posted on Telling it as it is:
?   It took me a while to get my head around the new policy of Repayable Hardship Payments and how it…

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Iain Duncan Smith Legacy

Reposted from: http://loopys-rollingwiththepunches.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/iain-duncan-smith-legacy.html The following is a list of policies and damning court decisions and findings undertaken under the watch of Iain Duncan Smith: April 2011: LHA (Local Housing Allowance) is reduced … Continue reading

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National Day of Action against benefit sanctions

Can I start by thanking everyone for your efforts for the National Day of Action against benefit sanctions. There are over 80 actions planned across the UK from Glasgow in … Continue reading

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A Guide To DWP Euphemisms 2016

Originally posted on A New Place Of Exile:
‘It makes *this* much sense’ ? ‘Reintroducing fairness to the welfare system’ – introducing means-testing in order to dismantle the welfare system.…

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