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Benefit sanctions

Here are a few links that show or discuss terrible decision-making by the DWP:

1. A selection of especially stupid sanctions

2. A list of completely ridiculous benefit sanctions people have experienced

3. Benefit sanctions – ineffective and immoral

4. Benefit Sanctions Pushing Unemployed Further Away From The World Of Work

5. Rights.net –


6. Citizen’s Advice – Citizens Advice response to sanctions inquiry

7. The 11 most senseless benefit sanction decisions known to man

8. ‘Even the sight of a CV would give me an anxiety attack’: Guardian readers on benefit sanctions

9. Benefit sanctions: the 10 trivial breaches and administrative errors

If you know of any other links please let me know in the comments



8 comments on “Benefit sanctions

  1. stevendmcilroy84
    April 2, 2015

    I was sanctioned over Xmas and left with absolutely nothing for attending my Graduation ceremony after 3 hard years at University. I called to let them know I couldn’t attend my signing appointment but to them it was either sign on and get money or attend my Graduation and get sanctioned. Twats. I appealed and got nothing in return!! I definitely felt bullied.

    • imajsaclaimant
      April 2, 2015

      Sorry to hear that, Steven. Are you okay? It felt like a double punishment to me with it being over Xmas.

      • stevendmcilroy84
        April 2, 2015

        I’m trying to cope! I graduated in Nov 2014 with a B.A. (Hons) in Events Management and I’m STILL struggling to find work. Degree related or mundane retail jobs… still struggling to find anything. I switched from JSA and now on Universal Credit.

      • imajsaclaimant
        April 2, 2015

        Having graduated so recently I would suggest making the best use of your university careers. They do a lot more than people think and I found them very useful when I graduated.

        You maybe aware of this site but if not… I’ve noticed there are regular opportunities on http://www.w4mpjobs.org/ for events. There are jobs there now if you are prepared to work in London.

      • stevendmcilroy84
        April 2, 2015

        I’ve just signed up to do a free programme at University called Graduate Head Start starting on Mon 13th. I also gain another qualification out of it as well so let’s see how this goes 🙂

      • imajsaclaimant
        April 2, 2015

        Good luck!

      • stevendmcilroy84
        April 2, 2015

        Thanks 🙂

  2. Jan
    October 24, 2016

    I phoned last week to have deductions reduced from £ 22. 20 per week to £5.00 per week which was agreed. Today 24/10/2016 two letters from you turned up with different information to what was agreed at the time of my phone call. Tried phoning you today 24/10/2016 to rectify/resolve this matter I had to borrow some-elses phone to do this and consequently had to pay them for this use. 31 MINUTES!!! The letters informed me you were open until 20.00 which is not the case!!! Why not have a message stating the office is now closed??????? I started the phone call at 17.48. Where were the staff (having a break?)I could do their job if they cannot be bothered answering the phone. The condescending voice informing me there was an exceptionally high number of calls is riduculous. What! everyone was suddenly phoning after getting in from work!!!!!!???? Why keep me on hold ??? costing money. You are a disgrace clearly ripping the great unwashed off and treating us like the shit you think we are. Of course we are living it up and all have other money coming in DOH! I have a large overdraft because in the past October 2015 deducting £14.80 per week which is totally disproportionate to income in a court of law you would never stand up. No one minds, myself included, repaying debts but at an amount we can afford something of which you have complete disregard. the deductions now are for the same debt.

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