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Claiming Universal Credit – a guide

I was sent a simple guide to claiming universal credit today and thought it worth sharing. You can download the simple version here: Claiming Universal Credit or the longer version here: Universal Credit – online claim form.  There is also a checklist: Universal Credit Checklist

I was also sent the link to a learnmyway ‘Using Uni Credit’ module with audio: http://www.learnmyway.com/htmlcourse/ukol/course37/index

A regular question on Twitter is how do claimants get money to bridge the gap when a new claim is made? Universal Credit claims can take a long time – at least 5 weeks – to process. On Citizens Advice website they have a section about this. At the bottom of the page it says:


The link: Universal Credit – budgeting advances

1. Before you start

Before you start the application process you may find it useful to complete ‘Getting Ready for Universal Credit’ quiz.

You can find the quiz here: http://ucpp.dwp.gov.uk/universal-credit-preparation/

You’ll need to make sure you’ve got your National Insurance Number (NI number).
If you can’t find your NI number, you can apply for a new one here:

You’ll also need:
 A bank, building society, Post Office account or a Credit Union account
 A rent agreement
 Details of any savings
 Details of non-work income
 Any other benefits
 Details of any partner who lives with you.

2. Go online

You’ll need to make your application for Universal Credit online.

Go to https://www.gov.uk/apply-universal-credit to get started.


3. Your claim

Type in the number shown in the security picture, then click ‘Continue’:

Protecting your claim online

Can you claim?

The next page will tell you what information you’ll need to be able to claim Universal Credit. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your National Insurance Number and postcode. Click the ‘Can you claim?’ button to find out if you can.

UC p3a

You’ll now need to answer some questions to find out if you can claim. Remember to click the green ‘Continue’ button each time to move to the next question.

If you can’t claim

If you can’t claim Universal Credit, you might be able to claim other benefits. You can use the benefits adviser on the gov.uk website to find out more.

UC p3b

If you can claim

If you’re entitled to Universal Credit, the website will take you to a summary page. You’ll need to check that all of the information you’ve given is correct, then click ‘Confirm and continue’ at the bottom of the page.

UC p3c

4. The application

You can now start your claim. Answer the questions and click ‘Continue’.

UC p4


If you don’t make any changes or answer any questions for 20 minutes or longer, the website will time out and it won’t save the information you’ve already entered.

If this is about to happen, a pop up box will appear to warn you. You can select ‘OK’ to refresh the page and extend your session.

UC p4a

When you have completed the questions you will see this page. Click ‘Continue’.

UC p4b

You’ll need to complete the ‘Your basic details’ section.

You’ll then see your ‘Claim overview’ page. There are four parts to this. Part one has already been completed. Click on the blue ‘start’ button next to part two.

UC p4c

You’ll need to complete the ‘Your basic details’ section.

UC p4d
You’ll need to complete the ‘Your circumstances’ section. Click the green ‘continue’ button.

UC p4e

Complete the final section: ‘Your payment details’.
UC p4f

You have completed your Universal Credit sign-up.

What’s next?

After submitting your online claim, Jobcentre Plus will contact you by phone to tell you the date of your interview and what evidence you need to bring with you. A text message will be sent to confirm the appointment details.

You will need to bring along evidence to support your claim, such as wage slips, medical certificates and proof of your savings. You will also need to bring proof of identity such as your passport or birth certificate.

At the interview, you will be interviewed by an adviser who will ask you to agree to a number of conditions.

These conditions will be detailed in a claimant commitment which you will normally need to accept to get UC. If you don’t accept your claimant commitment, your claim will be closed.

You will be given a copy of your claimant commitment to take away.


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